Growl is now 10 years ago… The true time shock

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1. That’s right, I can’t be the only one getting older, let’s get old together..
2. The time shock..The maknae is now 30..
3. This makes no sense. Oh Minor feels like not even that long ago
4. Sehun is 30? Wow I can’t believe this
5. Seriously the fact that Sehun is turning 30 is daebak ㅠㅠ They’re still as cool as ever, my biases, let’s go for the long run
6. Sehun is 30…? Seriously stop joking… Oh Minor’s days feels like yesterday, what are you saying..
7. It makes no sense that Oh Sehun is 30
8. I seriously thought that they were already all 30ㅋㅋㅋ They lack so much group promotions that I feel delusional
9. Growl was 10 years ago?????????
10. Let’s give EXO’s 2023 comeback a lot of interest ◠‿◠

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