During the SuperM comeback teaser in SM’s Concert today, all the members of Shinee, EXO and NCT had their respective colors shown
People were saying how Lucas was left out and that they will add a TVXQ member because of the red light
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1. Oh looking forward to it
2. But nothing is certain so what’s up with the comments?
3. I hope it’s Choikang Changmin
4. No but they already performed with a mini and full album and their relationships have already been tainted so why do this now…? Why can’t they just promote without Lucas?
5. Please, my bias has to escape this…
6. Why are they so insistent with SuperM? Can’t they just make a new group?
7. I think that they are just publicly executing the member who left with the erd colorㅇㅇ anyways, it’s possibleㅇㅇ
>ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ freaking funny
8. Please just have the 6 of them do it
9. I do hope that they add Choikand Changming. I freaking like SuperM
10. Why TVXQ…?

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