(email reporting the defamation in the post talking about Jun Soyeon taking down her plagiarism posts)

“Jun Soyeon is going around taking down all her plagiarism posts”

This post above was deleted

(notice saying the post was deleted)

“Jun Soyeon is taking down her plagiarism posts”

This post was also taken down
(another email claiming that there was defammation/copyright infringement/etc. on the post so it’s getting flagged/reported)

“Genius idol” Jun Soyeon, ATEEZ song plagiarism confirmed… “list of composers registered””

This post was completely wiped out
original post: here
1. The way she’s handling this is a shame
2. I bet this post will soon go too..
3. This one will be taken down too..
4. Hu seriously looking at the scrapped posts, she really got rid of everything
5. Wow…
6. I bet she’s going to start taking down Youtube videos afterㅋㅋㅋ
7. Wow the way she’s shutting their mouths is severe
8. The company is already handling it this way and Jun Soyeon never formally apologized. She just cleansed her image and there’s lots of people who don’t know about it. It’s just dumbfounding
9. Is the plagiarism true???
10. I knew this would be buried down, but does she really need to go around deleting the posts like that?

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