TXT and Booseoksoon wanted to see which one of them would win the digital battle of May

But neither of them won so they got embarrassed

When TXT received their award, this was Booseoksoon

And this was TXT during Booseoksoon’s stage

ENHYPEN giving TXT thumbs ups

And ENHYPEN’s reactions during Booseoksoon’s stage

Hybe’s friendship is cute
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1. [+80, -3]
Didn’t Booseoksoon give birth to TXT?
2. [+53, -3]
When Booseoksoon were performing, TXT were going crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋSeriously why are both so cute?
3. [+51, -1]
No matter how much haters try to sh*t around, I’m not changing my mind. Hybe’s idols are all likable and their friendship is nice and warm
4. [+38, -2]
So warm
5. [+37, -3]
I thought Kang Taehyun would faint from his reactions, is he always this good at reactiong? Huening also held Booseoksoon’s cup while running, he was so cute. He’s so big physically but he acts like a baby
6. [+26, -3]
Taehyun looks like he’ll become a fanboyㅋㅋㅋ

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