First picture: I drew the thing I wanted to express

2nd picture: *Transformation!* The person is done
3rd picture: I draw the background half ass**ly
4th picture: *Transformation!* The background is done
5th picture: I put both pictures together
Last picture: AI uses different functions to merge them naturally together and made a drawing
So even someone like me who has sh*tty hands can make something like that ㅡㅡ
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1. [+120, -5]
But this is something that would’ve never been possible if not for other illustrators to exist in the first place… I’ve heard that people are even printing out these, which are made from information of other drawings that were taken without permission. Honestly to people who do this as a living, this is f*cking detrimental…
2. [+73, -3]
These are done by taking other illustrators’ drawings shamelessly and stealing the style by fixing a bit here and there. And because it’s done through AI, you lose all the delicacies of a real drawing
3. [+38, -0]
The way you drew that background is way too much
4. [+30, -0]
Wow the last result is insnaeㅋㅋ
5. [+22, -0]
The scariest part is that this is only the start of AI

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