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1. [+440, -7]
This reminds of of something. If the movie starts with this scene, then it’s a sad ending and if the movie ends with this scene, it’s a happy ending
2. [+389, -85]
This seriously doesn’t invoke any thought in me. I feel like kids who want to get married because of this already wanted to marry to start with
3. [+306, -249]
What scene is this? Which part of this is good? I replayed it a few times and still dno’t know
4 .[+258, -44]
If you want to get married, just go to the ‘marriage & in-laws’ section
5. [+87, -8]
I can’t even start to fathom how much hardships that lady went through to give birth and become a mom and to be able to wear this feminie blue dress and have her long hair flow gently in the wind like that
6. [+70, -24]
The moment a woman start thinking of marriage, their life is over

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