Just looking at Pann right now, there are multiple posts about looks in the featured talks and I don’t even know how many there are. If you go to other women-dominated communities, you’ll see that the sight isn’t much more different than here
If you go on men-dominated community sites, they don’t talk that much about looks;; They would never write things like “characteristics of handsome kids”, “I’m handsome but…”, “To be honest, I think that I’d rather be born average than handsome”, “So-and-so’s looks were daebak this time”, or posts like that. To be honest, just looking at the posts that we post here, it’s so severe that it just makes me sigh
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Pann girls are so bullsh*tty about “pretty girls, ambiguously pretty girls, girls that are “a bit” pretty” and other bullsh*t like this nowadays
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For real, also, when we tell those girls to cut it down with the visual talks, they would say things like “it’s because you’re ufly and you can’t relate”ㅋㅋㅋㅋ their logic is just a mess
3. [+139, -3]
For real. If a handsome guy was boasting about himself in a men-dominated community, commenters will just say “f*ck” and that’s it
4. [+125, -35]
And soon, there will be comments blaming men here
5. [+104, -5]
There are way too many ugly kids who call one another “pretty” so they really think of themselves as “pretty”
6. [+55, 0]
In reality, as long as a woman isn’t obese, messy or doesn’t have issues with their personality, their dating life, work life and school life are all passable. But on Pann, if you’re not pretty, they treat it as if your life was over. Moreover, you can’t “just” be pretty, you can’t be short, you have to be freaking skinny but also have a chest and hips, you have to have a sharp face shape, your cheekbones can’t protrude too much on the sides, your double eyelids have to be a specific shape, your nose, mouth corners also have to look a certain way and it honestly makes me sick. Seeing how girls like Sullyoon and Karina get hate here made me pass out, seriously

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