49,000 won (34USD)

The decorations are 24,000won (~18USD)

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1. It’s so f*cking bad I don’t even want to buy it. But my old light stick doesn’t connect anymore and it f*cking pisses me off
2. This freaking sucks. Why does it look so average now
3. Their first light stick was the prettiest
4. All light sticks are becoming black… So only the case will be rose serenity?
5. Wow at that price.. But I bet people will still buy it nonetheless
6. The case is prettier than the light stick
7. The teaser was a scam….
8. …………………. The previous one was prettier ㅠㅠ
9. I thought it was pretty until I read the comments
10. Use the official colors.. Thsi isn’t pretty…

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