[theqoo] THE BOYZ ‘ROAR’ MV

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1. The MV was nicely done
2. The MV is so well-made but the song is kind of disappointing ㅜ Still I’ll work hard on streaming the album this time
3. I was expecting something like REVEAL so this is kinda disappointing ㅜ But the choreography and the MV were well-done
4. Hul the MV is so nice
5. ? Why is Jooyeon’s part so short?
6. I’ve listened to THRILL RIDE so many times!!!!! This song is good too
7. The Boyz never disappoints with their videos
8. The MV is so well-shot
9. Jooyeon f*ck ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
10. The MV and choreography quality are good but the song is a shame ㅠ

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