A young Canadian actor who spent US$220,000 on 12 surgeries to allegedly look like BTS member Park Jimin has died.

Twenty-two-year-old Saint Von Colucci had developed an infection from a cosmetic procedure he had months prior. The actor was then intubated and later died in a hospital in South Korea on Sunday, April 23, according to a report by Daily Mail.
Eric Blake has worked with Colucci as his publicist since March 2022 and said that the artist moved to South Korea in 2019 in the hopes of making it in the music industry.
According to Blake, his client was “very unhappy about his appearance” and “felt very discriminated against his Western looks.”
Colucci had a dozen surgeries that included jaw surgery, implants, a nose job, and a lip reduction, among other procedures.
Despite the risks that come with jaw implant surgery, Blake stated that the actor still decided on the procedure because “he didn’t like the shape of it because he thought it was too wide and wanted a V-shape, the shape many Asians have.”
Colucci was cast in the K-drama Pretty Lies where he stars as an international student. The show was filmed from June to December of 2022. According to Blake, the show will air in the US this fall.
He also said that Colucci was “very excited and worked really hard” and hoped that the show would help launch his career in music.
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1. What hospital was it….
2. Rest in peace
3. Crazy…. Isn’t this negligence from the hospital’s side?
4. Ah….ㅠ
5. If it’s a plastic surgeon from our country, I bet that he didn’t even get compensated for the damages… sigh
6. Aigo……
7. Rest in peace
8. Is it acute sepsis?… ㅠㅠ… I’m sorry that this happened outside his home country… I wish the family the best of luck.
9. Infection is not necessarily caused by the surgical process in the operating room, and there are various possibilities of infection, such as inflammatory reactions in the wound area or carelessness in managing the disinfection process, so it cannot be said that something went wrong in the operating room..ㅠㅠ Basically, if you operate with a nursing asistance, the risk of infection is really low..
10. Aigo… rest in peace…

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