Or is everyone just switching all the time or hiding?
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1. It’s true that there’s a decrease in fangirling. First of all, kids around me barely fangirl anymore, they simply listen to girl groups’ music? Everyone is just distracted by more content like Youtube and stuff like that
2. It’s true that it decreased, but it’s also true that people are hiding, In the past, there were more singers with stronger recognition, so even without fangirling, you could hold conversations about groups with other people. Right now, aside from a few select groups, you can’t talk about anyone with muggles anymore ㅠ
3. The domestic market is shrinking, but the overseas market is growing
4. It only applies to male idols, girl groups are in their prime time now
5. I still support my previous bias group’s songs (but I don’t ardently fangirl on them anymore) I listen to a lot of girl groups’ songs and I also fangirl on other genre
6. There’s barely any fandom inflow now… If we’re talking about back in the days, all middle schoolers were following the popular idols, but you don’t see this nowadays anymore
7. Compared to male idols, the female idols industry is in its prime time, but it’s true that the idol industry in Korea has decreased.. No matter the prime time, it’s not at the height of how it used to be in the past anymore, but people still fangirl. It can’t be helped with KPOP and idols, there’s a huge decreased in people consuming them overall
8. It decreased because we can see so many variety in this generation…
10. Sports are also attracting a lot of fangirls, including me and 3 other people around me..

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