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Long gone are the days when he was considered the most or 2nd most popular of 1D… He’s still popular but but aren’t there a lot of reports that he ass*ulted Gigi Hadid’s mom?? Seriously, I don’t know if he hit or what but seeing how he was fined and had to complete anger management classes, seems like it really happened… His image is trash… but his solo ranked #1 on Billboard, he’s good at singing and he also did the best in 1D so..
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There are so many collab rumors out there but nothing is being released
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Isn’t Harry Styles his co-worker? When he was popular, he would be fighting against Justin Bieber for the #1 spot of Billboard but nowadays, he fell off and have a bunch of bad rumors but at the same time, you never know when Western singers release a mega hit so… He’s handsome and talented but this is such a random pairingㅋㅋ
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Why are you disappointed?.. Zayn is super popular. Wasn’t he top 1-2 in terms of popularity in 1D?
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Did he do anything that warrants him being called a “bast*rd”?? When he broke up with Gigi, they didn’t have an ugly break up though. Also, it turned out that the rumors about him hitting her mom were all lies. Gigi’s mom doesn’t have a good reputation overseas at all because she’s too “bossy” and ruined their relationship. Isn’t Gigi’s mom famous for being the “almond-mom”?… Gigi said that she was hungry so her mom told her to eat one almond.. Gigi’s mom is not normal

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