The Lee Heeseung we knew

And this is Lee Heeseung recently. Isn’t it true that his nose changed?? Or is it because he changed his hair color??

His nose changed – vote up
It’s because his hair color doesn’t suit him – vote down
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What are the comments saying? Isn’t it a fact that he took out his silicone implant?
2. [+50, -16]
What the? He really changed
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I’m a fan of another group. Stop doing this
4. [+31, -4]
It seems like they extended his short nose but when they do that, the swelling usually lasts longer than a normal nose job. Yoo Ah-In and Lee Jongsuk also lengthened their noses down and the swelling lasted for a while.. Once the swelling goes down and that everything settles, his nose now will look better than the one before. He looks like a sloth now but it’s only because it’s very swollen
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Make this the best comment. The OP b*tch should cut it down
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Cut it down you crazy b*tch. Don’t feed the trolls