Aren’t female idols booming nowadays?… Even for their album sales, they easily sale a few hundred thousands of them. From Taeyeon, IU, Tw-Re-Bl of the 2nd and 3rd gen to ITZY, I-dle, IVE, Aespa, STAYC, Kep1er and NMIXX…. what’s more is that there are a lot of kids who debuted too…. seriously, it’s totally saturated

(Singer – Abum – 1st week album sales)

Lisa – LALISA – 736.2K
Blackpink – THE ALBUM – 689k
Rose – R – 488K
Red Velvet – The Reve Festival 2022 – Feel My Rythm – 443.9K
Izone – Oneiric Diary – 389.3K
Izone – BLOOM*IZ – 356.3K
Izone – One-Reeler / ACT IV – 355.2K
IVE – LOVE DIVE – 338.1K
Twice – MORE & MORE – 332.4K
Twice – FORMULA OF LOVE O + T = <3 – 318.8K
IU – LILAC – 278.4K
Twice – Taste of LOVE – 277.5K
Aespa – Savage – 276.8K
Twice – Eyes wide open – 245.6K
NMIXX – AD MARE – 227.3K
Red Velvet – Queendom – 207.3K
Kep1er – FIRST IMPACT – 206.5K
Blackpink – How You Like That – 204.3K
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Nowadays, people say that girls don’t fangirl on male idols and just fangirl on female idols and seems like it’s true… The charts show it too. Female idols are eating them up
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Even if you say that they were always strong digitally, their physical sales are really crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it wasn’t long ago when female idols would have a festival for selling more than 50K albums
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No but I always knew that female idols were performing well digitally but I never knew that their physical sales would grow so much. F*cking impressive
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That’s why they are so comparable to the male idols that are coming out nowadays;;; male idols are slowly losing their bubble but talented and pretty female idols keep on coming out
5. [+18, -1]
All of the recent female idols are doing well