It turned out so freaking naturally good……….
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1. [+143, -7]
Celebrities seriously touch everything little by littleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+110, -1]
Did she also relocate the fat under her eyes…?? If you look at her pictures now compared to her old pictures, the fat under her eyes decreased a lot
3. [+83, -9]
She did something to her lips too. It seriously turned out well in such a natural way..

4. [+71, -1]

No but I’m seriously not hating on her but I’m seriously curious about the places where Han Sohee got rid of her tattoos, where SM’s idols do facial massages and do their plastic surgeryㅜㅜ
5. [+56, -1]
Her impression changed in such a fascinating way

6. [+41, 0]

ㅇㅇ Kim Sejeong and Bona also got hair transplant. Their head is filled with a zigzag transplants designed for thick hair rather than thin fine hair.

7. [+35, -4]
What’s the point of this… Han Sohee is f*cking pretty now anyways…