Le Sserafim
– From Source Music
– There was an article saying how they were planning to launch a girl group in March of 2021
– They debuted in May 2022
– From ADOR
– The goal was to collaborate with Source Music and debut them in the first half of 2021
– Because of Corona, the plan was scrapped and ADOR made its own separate label and debuted the group in August 2022
HYBE Japan boy group
– They were planned to debut in the later half of 2021
– Because of Corona, they couldn’t go to Japan so they pushed the plan back -> they started a survival program to pick the members in July
– They are supposed to debut near year end
Big Hit’s next boy group
– They started promoting their debut team on YouTube in the first half of 2021
– The current plan is to debut them at the end of 2022
Pledis’ next boy group
– They were supposed to debut in 2019 -> they kept pushing it back every year and are now planned to debut in 2023
– They are doing an audition to pick the last member
I-land 2
– They were supposed to start the broadcast in 2021
– They pushed it back 2 years and the plan is to air in 2023 but it’s possible that it gets pushed further back
KOZ’s first boy group
– The first boy group made by Zico
– They said in a recent interview that they are trying not to push their debut past next year
– They opened an audition for a rapper position not long ago (they said that they are missing a rapper in the members’ lineup)
HYBE and Universal’s girl group
– A girl group for the U.S.
– They have a plan but they only started auditioning last year and there has been no news ever since
– The earliest they can debut would be in 2024
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1. [+241, -5]
It’s not like they were some idol factory so what is this?
2. [+164, -3]
Manage the kids you already have properly
3. [+82, -17]
Try making TXT hit bigger, at this point, it would be such a waste of these kids
4. [+52, 0]
The bigger HYBE gets, the more I feel like there’s an unification of K-pop
5. [+32, -10]
Just like SM, they all seem to be setting goals but there 2 male groups are just struggling and they are only getting crumbs from overseas due to the Bangtan effect
6. [+32, 0]
This is such a mess, they need to do things in moderation