Now her head looks bigger. Sakura’s pretty and refreshing eyes also look stuffy now because of the somber makeup. I thought that she was cool-toned and didn’t match somber makeup. Le Sserafi’s hair and makeup artist is freaking so-so

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1. [+116, -28]
Chaewon, Wonyoung and Yujin also looked better in Izone. The kids in Izone got prettier and prettier styling with time but I feel like they first need to get rid of the Izone image. They are trying new styling to show their new start
2. [+95, -26]
Her face is too big
3. [+80, 0]
But who was in charge of coordi and makeup during Produce? They seriously had legendary days in every new series
4. [+46, -2]
Personally, I think that Sakura was at her peak at that time.. ㅠㅠ I miss this

5. [+44, -1]
I never thought that Sakura had a big head in Izone but it looks big now

6. [+36, -1]
I think that Sakura fits light colored hair like this one much better. She looks stuffy in black colors and looks older so they don’t suit her. She looks way more refreshing with lighter colors