(T/N: the full title is ‘Son Naeun uploaded the actual pictorial without the cat suit’ since she previously posted a picture with a body suit on her Insta)

It’s true that she’s pretty. She’s been able to maintain her fat-less body for over 10 years
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1. [+115, -23]
Seeing how Son Naeun can look this innocent here and change her aura in every picture makes me realize that she’s a celebrity by nature
2. [+111, -17]
The first picture and her legs in the last picture are so prettyㅋㅋ how does she not have any muscle mass?ㅋㅋ I thought that she was a mannequin
4. [+108, -12]
She has the prettiest body among celebrities
5. [+29, -19]
Back then, when Son Naeun was really popular, people were saying how her looks were reliant on her hair but… she’s freaking pretty with an all-back hairstyle too