“Who has the best clothes fit who can even pull off a bag of rice?!”
A stylist who’s 9 years into her career chose the female idol with the best clothes-fit
“Blackpink Rose-nim!”
Everyone already knows Rose
She has the body that brings out the best in a slender fit
Blackpink Rose
(Korean name Park Chaeyoung)
Born in 2/11/1997
Her profile height and weight are 168.7cm and 44 kg
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1. [+25, -6]
Not everyone who’s tall and skinny will be able to look good in anything. Rose’s aura and charms are distinct so she has that uniqueness that makes everything look good. Her face has that uniquely cute and mysterious charm. She even saved this basketball jersey
2. [+22, -2]
F*cking agree… her aura pierces through no matter what she wears
3. [+17, -1]
I’m a fan of another group but I was expecting Jennie or Rose when clicking in this and as expected..
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5. [+10, -1]

She has the best ant-waist and Rose’s bone structure has some hips so her body line is pretty. There’s no way that she can’t pull off clothes nicely..

6. [+8, 0]

There’s a reason why Saint-Laurent likes her