As a multi-stan I watched f*cking lots of fancams, cover videos, stages, etc. and this isn’t meant to praise or bash anyone

Lily >= Winter > NingNing, SiEun, Yeji >= Yoon, Chaewon >= Lia, Riz, Yujin >= Karina, Seo YoungEun, Isa >= Soomin, Bae, Kim Seonyoo >= Park Boeun, Yuna, Kyujin
Yeji >= Kim Dayeon > Ryujin, Chaeryung, Heung Hyaejoo >= Jiwoo, Jinni, Winter >= Kyujin, YoungEun, Shen Xiaoting >= Yujin, Yuna, Soomin, Isa >= Hikaru, SiEun, Bae
Lee Youngji >>> Giselle, Karina, Kim Dayeon >= Ryujin, Yeji, Rei >= Hikaru, Jiwoo, Jinnie >= Yuna, Kyujin, Gaeul
Personally, I’m removing people like Jennie and Lisa because they’re the 3rd generation.
Wonyoung >>>>>>> Yuna, Jinni, Kim Riwon, Yiseo >> The rest of them are all similar
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1. [+81, -42]
It’s just written by an Aespa fan
2. [+63, -15]
Lily is seriously f*cking good
3. [+30, -9]
Anyone can tell this was written by a Wonyoung fan
4. [+28, -11]
The moment I saw Winter in dance, I skipped
5. [+21, -0]
The fact you consider Lee Youngji a female idol is the funniest partㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
6. [+20, -0]
If you have any shame, remove the lipsync-dol
7. [+17, -10]
Aespa’s vocal is NingNing, how can you put her at the level of Winter? And for dancing, ITZY’s top 3 should be at the top and Yuna comes next or next-next. And what the hell is Kim Dayeon who just debuted doing in that rank?? Vocals depends on your personal taste, but you can clearly rank dancing objectively
8. [+15, -23]
Lily the top vocal? What are you saying? She only debuted now
9. [+15, -7]
I can’t believe you think that Winter dances better than Yuna, you need to change them
10. [+15, -8]
I also think that Wonyoung’s talents is the top
11. [+14, -0]
Can you just get rid of the rap part as a whole, nobody there is a rapperㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ