.. Having low results on the chart or on a voting contest, are you
– Turned off and sad, vote up
– it’s possible, so you have to work harder, downvote
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1. [+88, -2]
These f*ckers are the ones who can’t gather more fans but blame it on them
2. [+64, -10]
“- After seeing The Stage 😉
– Everyone, you shouldn’t forget this
– Stream
– Watch the MV
– We will do The Stage soon too
– If you watch the MV, watch it again
– Also…”
3. [+47, 0]
Are there idols who ask directly? Even though they would do it among fans..
4. [+37, 0]
Aren’t the people downvoting this just fools?
5. [+29, -7]
Didn’t Twice talk about this? It created such a buzz
6. [+28, 0]
If they are on the verge of renewing, I agree
7. [+21, -6]
Is this considered as pressuring the fans too…?
– I
– have something I wanna know
– That Melon chart
– Why every time it’s 1 AM
– Why does my song disappear from the chart??
– It’s always there just fine until 12 AM
– But when it’s past 1 AM, it suddenly disappears so it made me go “huh?””