Vote up – Jang Wonyoung

Vote down – Jennie
I’m just curious about it..
people around me seem to like Jennie more
but looking on internet, Jang Wonyoung seems to be more influencial.
Of course both are pretty princesses

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1. [+160, -4]
To me I feel like people in their 20s-30s would be Jennie and teens would be Jang Wonyoung
2. [+99, -4]
I visit communities and SNS and one thing for sure, nowadays for teens, it’s Jang Wonyoung. There’s a bunch of people in their 20s who are wannabe Jennie, meanwhile Jang Wonyoung attracts just as many fangirls than haters in their teens. In the end, both are super stars
3. [+65, -8]
Jang Wonyoung of course. Jang Wonyoung used to be f*cking mentioned a lot in the teens stories but nowadays it decreased a bit. She used to make the most amount of buzz, she ahs a similar age as me but she’s so successful. I can’t bash her for her looks and I want to feel a sense of inferiority but she’s so pretty that I just accept it
4. [+28, -3]
Right now it looks like Jennie’s antis are using Jang Wonyoung to hate on her with those ‘vote up vote down’ posts. Don’t feed the trols
5. [+22, -22]
Jennie’s visuals… is seriously falling behind…
6. [+18, -2]
But what exactly does these 2 have in terms of influence on the teens? I seriously don’t know