This isn’t fabricated??

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1. They did that when they just debuted, before Bigbang got into a controversy
2. Everyone said that in the past though
3. But BTS debuted with a hip hop concept so of course they’d say that
> This and there are tens of artists that BTS mentioned liking in the past too
4. But there were so many idols who had Bigbang as their role models in the past ㅇㅇ Not only exclusive to BTS but they’ve also mentioned a lot of other artists aside from Bigbang being their role models in the past too. Don’t take this as something super meaningfulㅋㅋ They were just a fan among many others
5. I can see a lot of people who would be using comments like that to boost about themselvesㅎㅎ Is being mentioned by Bangtan their biggest achievements?
6. They only mentioned that during their debut showcase and nowhere else though
7. Time has changed from 10 years ago. Until when are people going to keep bringing this up? Seriously BTS aren’t even the only one who said this
8. No but why are people bringing every single thing they said and trying to justify what they said? Just admit they said it and move on
9. Anyone would think that they said it todayㅋㅋㅋㅋ
10. Mentioning Bigbang as BTS’ role model like that in the title when they said it 10 years agoㅋㅋ