t/n: Lee Junseok is the leader of the main opposition party in Korea

“Lee Junseok, when did the split happen?… Women less willing to vote than men”

People Power Party’s leader Lee Junseok said “Women are less willing to vote than men.” “In my opinion, regarding women’s tendency to support Lee Jaemyung (ruling democratic party candidate), you can see that they’ve organized a movement online, but it would be hard for them to feel inclined to actually go vote”.
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1. This guy is so annoying……….
2. He’s way younger than the other candidates out there, but he’s already hopeless at his age..
3. Wow… But he’s rather encouraging me to go vote… I wonder if that was his logic behind that comment?
4. Thanks for encouraging me to vote ^^
5. How can someone like that become a politician?
6. What he’s saying isn’t all false, but to put it as a headline makes him look like a misandristㅋㅋ
7. Pfft are we seriously in 2022? Why is he like that?
8. I’m going to vote no matter what tomorrow, you don’t have to worry!
9. Isn’t it women’s day today? And he’s making a comment like that?
10. Women voters’ proportions are so high, just on what is he basing his argument on? 😂