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We’ve been dating for 3 years, and we’re both in our 30s so we eventually started sharing about wedding plans and talked about salary. He’s making 2M after tax (t/n: $1.5K USD)
He’s not a civil servant, he’s working in the service industry but isn’t 2M won way too severe?
Once I give birth to our child, we’ll become a single earning household, how are we supposed to live off 2M won a month?
Is the answer breaking up with him?
t/n: single person estimated monthly costs are $1.07K USD (1,410,817.18₩) without rent. Taken from Numbeo.com
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1. I’m 25 y’o right now and my boyfriend is earning 3M won ($2.3K USD) after tax and even this isn’t enough. I’m definitely never considering anyone earning 2M won after tax
2. Then you should find a way to earn 5M won a month (3.8K)
3. As expected marriages are expensiveㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4. He’s working in service and he’s earning only that? It’s quite small
5. If you’re still earning 2M won in your 30s, I can definitely never marry you
6. Realistically speaking, you need to break up. There are so many men out there with no skills at all and are still able to make above 3M won
7. Hul… Even self-employed people make around 2M won… If I were you I’d be psychologically drainedㅜㅜ Just break up
8. Obviously break up, you want to starve your kid to death?
9. How can a man earning 2M won even fathom about marraige?
10. If you just try to think rationally, you’ll get your answer