“Teen who gets s*xually assaulted, and even got pregnant… The man in his 20s who burned her a cigarette and kicked her in the stomach”

He filmed the victim’s naked movie in video and took pictures.
He also got involved in assaulting other underaged teens.
Despite knowing that the teen was pregnant, the man in his 20s who sexually assaulted her burned her with a cigarette bud and assaulted her.
He was sentenced to probation from imprisonment.
After getting pregnant by sexual assault, he took naked pictures and assaulted her again. After it he burned her with cigarette fire and put the ash in her mouth. But he’s now put on probation.
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This is seriously wrong… The country was so loud for some letter sent to the army over so many days, but they’re holding their mouth shut over date assaults and when there is a clear victim here. Maybe because those crimes happen so often that people are staying quiet (T/n:  we haven’t covered the story, but it’s huge in Korea. A female student sent a letter to a soldier and the soldier didn’t like the ‘mocking’ tone in the letter so he posted on his IG, the all-girl school had to apologize and the male communities later doxxed the female student)
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Ah f*ck what is the issue with our country?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hannam Republic is fact (T/n: Republic of South Korea = Daehan minguk)
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Wow… Does this make sense
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I was still angry and out of energy from reading that article about man who murdered the daughter in front of her mother and now this… Just how many victims do we have per day… As expected, it’s best we don’t tie ourselves with hannams
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This doesn’t even make me mad anymore.. I could get angry if this happened once or twice but there are so many of them that I’m just numb.. Just when are the laws ever going to change?