Ever since Pann-girls have started trending videos about leaving her fandom, the posts about her wearing fakes have been appearing and people are accusing her of pretending to be rich, asking her why she would wear fakes and honestly, isn’t all of this hate so forced? Since when did Freezia say that she was rich? She said that she’s just living her life without lacking anything. Stop making false rumors into truths

“I’m not a golden spoon but I grew up easily/carefree”

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People are saying that it’s not inferiority complex. But when I look at her hate, the force hate is so severe that it honestly just looks like inferiority complex. If not, then why are they getting so mad because they can’t cancel her?…
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For realㅋㅋㅋㅋ They are probably trying to find what to hate on next
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She has that Pann certification now~ she’s next after Jang Wonyoung, fighting
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Wearing fakes is clearly illegal… and she’s someone who wants to launch her own brand so what is she gonna do if she’s not aware of copyright issues at all?
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I can understand if she was wearing unbranded clothes but the trading of replicas is illegal
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But to the people who say that it’s fine to wear fakes, you guys know that you can’t say anything if anyone copies Freezia’s brand after she launches it right…?
In order to hate on Freezia, they watched all her videos and took screenshots, went to look for pictures of the real clothes to compare them and are going with the “oh?? They are fakes!!” bullsh*t while getting all excited to write it on Pann.. ㅎ.. Put this energy into studying instead… f*ck…
No matter how hard you guys hate on her on Pann, Freezia isn’t getting any damage…
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To be honest, I bet that there is only a handful of kids hating on her for wearing fakesㅋㅋㅋㅠ
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I’m not saying that wearing fakes is something to be proud of but I wonder if it’s worth going to such extent to do all this work. The fact that Pann-girls will chew you up if they want to hate on you is a mental diseaseㅋㅋ
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For real, a woman is another woman’s biggest enemy. This is seriously impressive
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Knock it off with the shields. You guys are awesome at talking beside the point. Do you think that wearing fakes is something good? ㅋㅋ
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Huh? But aren’t they just kids who are interested in luxury items…? Your thinking process is…
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Yah but… I haven’t even seen that many trolls latching unto any female idols these days