“Women with tattoos

They don’t get tattoos for your liking.
I’m getting a tattoo because I like it so mind your own business”
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1. [+207, -19]
That’s just what I think but I don’t think that they make your body prettier but look like graffiti. They just look messy
2. [+190, -11]
I’m fine with small ones. Big ones are seriously so-so
3. [+173, -13]
You only have one body so it’s a waste. You can’t reverse it right?
4. [+84, -2]
I’m scared to get tired of it so I’m not getting one. Even hair, makeup and clothes change with trends. Won’t you get tired of seeing the same tattoo on your body? I feel like I would. So I can’t get one.
5. [+81, -12]
What’s up with the comments here..? I don’t care about what other people do. I find it funny that people still say that tattoos make you look cheap or whatnot in our generationㅋㅋㅋ
6. [+64, -42]
Honestly, they look cheap to me. But I can’t say it outwardly since it’s their preference
7. [+47, -2]
Maybe because I’ve only seen people with excessive tattoosㅠ but I don’t particularly want to get one
8. [+46, 0]
I don’t care if my friend gets one but if my boyfriend or someone I’m marrying gets one, I would hate it ..ㅋㅋ Of course, I don’t want to get one on myself either
9. [+45, -2]
I got a tattoo of my cat and I’m super satisfied. I’m happy that we’ll be together for my whole life
10. [+42, 0]
Tattoos also follow trends.. Star shaped tattoos were f*cking popular around 10 years ago and now people find them countrified and no one is getting them. They will stay with you forever and I feel like I might regret so I can’t get myself to get one
11. [+41, -18]
I think that what they say here is so true so I don’t want any tattoo