(From top to bottom:

– Digital sales score
– Broadcast number score
– Viewers’ preference score
– Physical sales score
– Social media score)
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1. Dream babies, congrats💚
2. Dream, congrats congrats!!
3. OMG’s results this time are just so bad..
4. Mark-yah, Haechan-ah, congrats on the #1!
5. Wow OMG’s broadcast points
6. OMG’s results aren’t good this time. Meanwhile, their broadcast points are daebak
7. Dream, congrats on the #1💚💚💚
8. OMG’s digital points are low and their results are all bad but what’s happening with those broadcast points?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
9. Dream’s results with this album are indeed crazy this time
10. It’s just that their broadcast points are weirdly inflated compared to their other scores so what’s the issue here? Last time, when Kim Wooseok won, he got so much hate
11. I like OMG’s album and title track this time though ㅠㅠ
12. I don’t know any of them but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a boy group winning over a female group in terms of digital scores wow
13. I know that OMG’s song this time isn’t good but… honestly, their song is too much of a shame
14. OMG’s song is too much of a shame ㅠ I feel like they could’ve released something stronger ㅠㅠ