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1. Shut up incel
2. But if you watched Youtube or IG, none of the foreigners are believing Amber Heard’s side and are all swearing at her but why????
3. Slap him again
4. This guy is running his mouth around already, he needs another beating
5. Does he want to get slapped again?
6. But it’s true that even in the American media and the majority of people are siding with Johnny Depp. First of all, just go on IG and Youtube and you’ll know… I’ve never seen anyone side for Amber Heard… Maybe that’s why he said it? I feel like he’s just saying this to be part of the meme
7. I seriously can’t understand this f*cker
8. Everyone in the US is on Johnny Depp’s side right now… For real, the only answer is to watch until the end
9. You shouldn’t slap any human, except Chris Rock
10. All he needs to do is stay still