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1. They picked the video f*cking well…
2. Wow f*ck, their school uniforms???????????? They are finally going for the high-teen concept??????????????
3. F*cking awesome. I’m so looking forward to this
4. I’m watching this again and Rei’s voice in the middle was freaking nice
5. The quality is freaking good and they are all pretty
6. It looks like an ad for a luxurious perfume. Crazy, the quality is insane
7. Who’s the member with the cap at the beginning?
> Jang Wonyoun!
8. ㅋㅋ No but this is giving be advertising vibes. Wow
9. Wow I’m replaying it. Rei and Wonyoung’s auras in their two-shot is awesome
10. Gaeul is crazy
11. The quality is awesome. I like Wonyoung in a princess concept but she’s even prettier with a sporty concept
12. This will be a daebak
13. Wow crazy, the video is so good
14. The quality is f*cking good and why is Jang Wonyoung so pretty? Crazy
15. This is itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They invested a lot huh