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1. Her eyes… Steals the show.. She’s f*cking pretty
2. She’s seriously so pretty I’m so looking forward
3. I can only see her eyes
4. Wow her face is impressively small
5. Is this an official schedule before their debut? Where did they take this?
6. She looks like Sana and Tzuyu, I can already tell she’s f*cking pretty
7. I see Sana
8. Wow she’s crazy for real, she’s Sana + Tzuyu
9. She’s a f*cking doll
10. She’ll become the visual of the 4th generation
11. Look at that head full of hair, I’m so jealous. She really looks like Sana
12. I thought it was Sana
13. Lee Nakyung + Sanaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ F*cking pretty
14. No but how can pretty kids keep on appearing? She’s way too pretty
15. JYP is crazy where do they find these people?