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1. The concept is so-so…
2. I find the right one way better though
3. Seeing it side by side like this is really….
4. Yah, Bang Sihyuk, you crazy bast*rdㅠ f*ck
5. The current one seems like it was taken by a 38 y.o otaku who’s obsessed with Sakarin-chan.. The kids are so young so just why…
6. I hate the poses. Who made them do that? F*ck
7. HYBE’s fault
8. Ha f*ck, Chaewonie’s pose
9. Seeing them side by side, the difference is severe;;
10. The right one doesn’t seem like an idol concept. The left one came out well and their faces look way prettier
11. The right ones are way better. If you only look at their faces, they definitely got prettierㅋㅋㅋ But that’s not the most important part
12. I wonder what’s the meaning of that tennis racket? Why wear heels on top of it..?
13. The concepts are totally different
14. It looks too much like a MAXIM photoshoot (T/N: adult magazine). They even gave them a tennis racket…
15. I wonder who are their target audience seeing the teasers…. Sigh, the ahjaes must like this a lot
16. Ah they are seriously sneakyㅋㅋ..
17. This is way too shady…
18. I find the left ones so-so… it’s way too basic
19. This makes me so annoyed and sad
20. Who made them do these poses?