Victon is coming back and they’re introducing a new way of selling albums

For a certain period of time, it is possible to purchase the album and only receive the photocard at a lower price than purchasing the “entire” album. They will also send the photos in the album through a file
Finally we will be able to save the planet by getting rid of those meaningless albums dumping
Right now, the reaction has been super positive on Katalk
The notice has been posted on Hanteo/Gaon
“Albums purchased through 1Takes will be reflected on Hanteo/Gaon charts”

“Hul….!!! A digital album. They will only ship the photocards. And you can get the album through the app. Wow, that’s right. We only need photocards.”

I’m not Victon’s fan, but I must thank Victon for coming up with this new way of distributing albums. Please give them a lot of interest in their comeback


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1. Wow this is so good. Environment should be our priority rather than those 1st week sales
2. Daebak. I will buy an album to support. Victon is jjang
3. I used to think that G-dragon’s USB was such a nice idea too. But I remember people making a fuss over whether it could be considered an album since it wasn’t a CD and he got so much hate…
Right now, the generation has changed and it’s time we acknowledge the advance of technology.
Nowadays, there are barely anyone who listen to music with CD players
4. Idols industry always get criticized for the way they ruin the environment. Even when they sell everything digitally they’re still getting hate???
You know that the ones who are selling those are businesses at the end of the day, not charities. The thing that we want are postcards, of course they should still include those
5. I think this is a good idea. Right now everyone is committing sajaegi regardless of the number of actual fans in the fandom and it’s such a waste for our environment. This is a good method in my opinion. And I bet there are more people who don’t listen to the actual album than you think. I’d be so proud if my bias came up with a better methodology like this too. Kino albums are way better
6. I’m freaking curous about the price
7. This group was the one who had a solo album last year and they did the same thing with 1Takes platforms and sold a digital album. However, Gaon didn’t acknowledge their sales because of that. Looks like they changed?
8. Ah this is freaking good. Let’s save the planet.. I hope I can get one
9. Please I really hope people start changing like that tooㅠㅠㅠㅠ To be honest, there are so many fans who don’t actually listen to the albums when they buy themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
10. Please I hope this is a successㅜㅜ