* Please note that the contents have already been primarily written on Twitter, and are rewritten with some filtering.

This is a post exposing trainee Cho*Ah (06’er) from an agency. (T/n: Cho or Jo are interchangeable in Korean, we will use Cho for the sake of the post, but it’s possible her name will be romanized as Jo)
OP is a close friend with the unnie of the victim, OP is writing this post at the request of her friend.
1. Facebook messenger controversy
– Friend B and Cho*Ah named their Facebook 1:1 messenger with victim A’s name. They said ‘let’s feed her sleeping pills and sell her organs. They talked about making A reveal her body and take out her organs, etc.
– Friend B and Cho*Ah made a group chat after victim B’s name and lead conversations like “If @@@’s heart explodes, would @@@’s mom die?” (t/n: the word she used for mom/애미 is a derogatory form for mom)
– Cho*Ah would send intimidating messages to victim A that she has a close sunbae X only listens to Cho*Ah and that he would go and find victim A if she doesn’t pick up her phone and kill her. All this was planned by Cho*Ah
(There are a lot more aside from that, but for the sake of time, I’m stopping here)
2. Burning stuff with cigarettes, assault controversy (t/n:  the word 단배빵 refers to burning skin or objects with cigarettes)
– Victim B has a video recording of Cho*Ah’s cigarette burns, she contacted OP saying that she will reveal everything if she debuts)
– Cho*Ah’s assault threats and actual assaults are all recorded on video. If she debuts, the victims will spread it to the media
(For the sake of time, I’m stopping here)
3. Meeting attitude
– After a conversation with her agency official, Cho*Ah was able to meet the three victims and the victim’s older sister, and refused apologizing until the end.
– Cho*Ah even contacted the victims to threaten them again after. Because of that, the victims are scared now.
At this moment, she’s still considered a commoner, so I’m going to stop things here. However, if she ever debuts, for example releasing a teaser, OP will contact the media and expose everything. The agency needs to give an answer to the victims.
+ People might wonder why a friend of someone’s unnie is writing the post for the unnie’s dongsaeng who is actually the victim? OP is the friend of victim A’s unnie, who is also the older cousin of victim B. Sorry for the condusion.
1. [+149, -1]
It would be good if you also post the tweet link!!ㅋㅋㅋWow but she doesn’t even know if she will actually debut, yet she still refuses to apologize…. I really hope she gets taken out from the debut unit
2. [+145, -0]
If this is true, she can’t debut. Does she not think of the members who have committed no crime?
3. [+91, -0]
If you put the post on enter-talk, you will get a lot of views (T/n: OP changed it)
4. [+42, -2]
I really feel like nothing will happen after this..
5. [+39, -26]
At this rate, if you want to be part of a girl group, don’t even think of going to public school and just do home schoolingㅋㅋ
6. [+23, -2]
To be honest, when it comes to celebrities school violence me2, most of the claims are exaggerated or were false. I would only believe if I see the actual victim or proofs

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