t/n: somehow I’m unable to grab the embeddded video from the original link, if you go inside the Instiz link, there is the alleged ‘edited’ version by the company for the re-broadcast
original post: here
1. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Can’t they just delete the video as a whole…….. Why would they post-edit it and gather even more talks around it sigh…
2. Wow but the way they post-edited this is actually fascinating, I can’t even tell what’s the original like that. Wow I’ve listened to it a couple of times and I still can’t differentiate the edited sound to the live sound.. I hope he practices singing a bit more and get better
3. Wow but his agency sure is impressive, don’t they get embarrassed of doing this?
4. Wow the way they post-edited this is impressive, I wonder if all broadcasts do this
5. Why are they making the issue even worse…ㅜ
6. The machine that allows you to post-edit is indeed impressive… I couldn’t even tell it was edited if you didn’t say it
7. Are there other people who use post-editing for their encore stage then..?
8. Wow the difference is so striking that I got shocked… I’ve always thought that Bangtan was a talented group among idols, but I’m quite disappointed by their ethics
9. They could’ve just taken down the video, why do they do this… Now everyone will wonder who else did it
10. Bighit suffered…

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